One of the main goals of the Green Data project is to use of waste heat generated by all the computers inside for heating whole building and making hot water.

We are reaching this goal using dry coolers, chillers, solar power, ground collectors and heat exchangers air/water. Everything is controlled by an automatic, predictive and self-learning control system which we named EVOK.
The system complements the light control, the use of digital switches, control blinds, locks, sliding door gates, radiators as well as the measurements of heat, light, humidity and energy consumption.

  • we calculate the real consumption measured for the host server during installation in DC 
  • in a rented rack according to the actual energy consumed per month (separate meter) 
  • energy of virtualized services included in the price

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From 1.1.2020, the uniform price for one Watt per one month is 2.37 CZK, alternatively 3.20 CZK per kWh (excluding WAT)

  • energy from renewable sources (solar panels, thermal pumps)  
  • use of waste heat for heating buildings and hot water  
  • independent management for each series of racks 
  • selecting hardware with an emphasis on low power consumption  
  • organic waste management in accordance with strict company guidelines  
  • firefighting with environmentally-friendly Argonite (Nitrogen and Argon 1:1)  
  • supporting projects focusing on sustainable development